Twenty-seven Pounds and Counting!

A colleague said I had to be a size 12. I said I wasn't, but I said after I was done with my day, I would go and try on some size 12 pants to prove her wrong.

I was wrong.

I went to TJ Maxx and grabbed the first size 12s I saw. A couple of them were jeans, one was a pair of capris. I put them on and they fit. They FIT. Yes, they were a bit tight, and no, they weren't flattering on me, but I was able to fit into size 12 pants. It has been a HELL of a long time since I was able to fit into size 12 pants.

I've had one person criticize me for juicing, saying it was bad for my heart. I don't think I've gone about this in an unhealthy way. I've done juice fasting off and on for the past few months. Sometimes it's nothing but juice, chocolate milk, hot chocolate and lots of chewing gum. Sometimes it's juicing and a little bit of lean protein. The times when I haven't been fasting, I've been eating lots of fruits and vegetables and nuts and lean protein.

My Achilles heel, so to speak, is salt. I never realized how much salt I consumed until I went on my first juice fast. Salt makes one retain water. But at least I know why it was so hard for me to lose weight for so long.

I'm eating healthier, and I like it. I'm seeing results, but most importantly, I feel better about myself. Sure, I still have cravings for junk food. Right now, I'm on the 13th day of a juice fast, and I'm counting the minutes until I can have solid food. I'm thinking about going to Flattop Grill tomorrow. That way, I can splurge and stay fairly healthy.

While at TJ Maxx trying on pants, I also found a little black dress by Anne Klein. I can fit into my Emanuel Ungaro, but it's very snug on me. Plus, I can't zip it by myself. If I were a little thinner, I could zip it part way, and pull up the back of the dress by the neckline, and zip it the rest of the way. But I'm afraid that the dress is too tight in the upper torso. I'm also afraid if I sit, I might split the skirt. So I bought the Anne Klein dress, which is very flattering, and clingy. Not a tight sort of clingy. The dress also has a bit of Spandex in it, either that or some other stretchy material, and it's VERY comfortable. So I'll be able to wear it to Write The Feminine on Friday and be comfortable and look good. There was a Ralph Lauren dress too that I was very tempted by. I may just buy it. However, I liked the Klein dress a tad bit better. The Lauren dress had a deep V-neckline, and the shoulders on the dress I wasn't entirely comfortable with. However, that dress WAS machine washable, and the Klein dress is dry clean. I may still buy the Lauren dress. It all depends how I feel about it tomorrow. I do have a habit of buying similar things, but since I haven't bought anything brand new (except for underwear and leggings) for over a year, I shouldn't be feeling so guilty if I bought two new dresses in the same week.

But I'm feeling good. Even if I don't get down to 160 by the end of the week, it's all good. I have a dress that looks good and I can breathe in, and I'll be able to fit into the Ungaro later on this spring, or sometime in the summer. And I'm relieved that I can indeed lose weight.


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