Cedar Point is One of My Favorite Places on Earth

I remember trips to Cedar Point as a kid. For a long time, I didn't go there, because no one I knew liked amusement parks. I finally did meet someone who loved roller coasters as much as I did, however, and we went a few times, until our relationship ended.

In 2005, I made my first solo trip to Cedar Point, and I haven't looked back. I found out that going by myself had some advantages, and some disadvantages. The positives outweighed the negatives, so I try to get to Cedar Point at least twice. I figure I'm entitled. I haven't had a real, honest-to-God, stay in a hotel vacation for seven years now, so getting away to Cedar Point is something I do.

I wish I could bottle the feeling I get when I ride Millennium Force. I feel like a bird flying when I go down that first hill. I sit in the front row (by myself) and I feel like I'm soaring. Some times, when I go to Cedar Point, that is the only ride I'll get on. The Force was having a tough time the day I went, and I missed out by riding it twice because I was impatient. If I'd only waited five more minutes...but stupid me, I thought that the locker time would run out and my things would be at risk. I would have been fine if I'd not taken such a bulky wallet with me, or if I'd worn a better pair of cargo shorts with deeper pockets. Live and learn. But this ride is awesome. I hope you can see the brief video I posted.

Despite a 30 percent chance of rain, it was a gorgeous day and it didn't rain at all.

It was funny to watch this duckling in the petting zoo. He (or she) wanted the entire pan of water to himself (or herself). He (or she) nipped at everyone so much, the other ducklings cleared out.

I got a fly in my mouth from riding Millennium Force. Here it is.

It looks like I'm about to be eaten by a dinosaur, but I'm not.

Nighttime at Cedar Point is one of the best times, because I like bright lights. They look so pretty against a deepening twilight sky. It's even more spectacular when it gets fully dark out, because I think the lights look like fireworks. Here are some pictures of the Giant Wheel, and Windseeker, which is the one ride at Cedar Point which scares the crap out of me. I can ride Millennium Force all day, but Windseeker makes me think I'm going to fall out, or the ride is going to fall over into Lake Erie. The third picture in this section is a bit of the Giant Wheel as reflected in a puddle.

Hopefully you will be able to see the videos I posted. This one is a few seconds of Windseeker.

This photo is a skyline looking northwest from the Giant Wheel. Power Tower is in the center, with Top Thrill Dragster to the right.

I think if I ever won the lottery for some crazy huge amount of money, I would live part of the year in Toronto, and live part of the year in Sandusky, Ohio. I would do that so I could go to Cedar Point and ride and take pictures, and maybe even write a book about the park. I regret that I spent so many years not going to the park because I didn't have a ride buddy. But I hope to make up for lost time. I hope I will always be able to go to Cedar Point. It keeps me young, I think.


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