Another Juice Fast

So I'm on another juice fast. I've decided to allow myself hot chocolate and chocolate milk during this fast. Somehow, those taste really good, especially when I've given up solid chocolate for a whole week. I've lost twelve pounds so far, and I haven't gained them back. So here's hoping I lose at least seven or eight pounds on this fast.

I've had concerned friends tell me juice fasting is not healthy; that it's going to be hard on my heart. Who said that I was going to drink juice and NOTHING BUT JUICE the rest of my life? No one, not even me. But if this is helping me lose weight, when nothing else seems to be working, what's the problem? I'm not throwing up my food, nor am I downing huge amounts of laxatives. I'm LOSING WEIGHT, for the first time in a long time.

I'm tired of being fat. And I want to start meeting people who like to do the same things that I like to do, like skiing, and going to Cedar Point. Nobody I know likes to do those things. And if I can't be pretty, I would like to be in shape. Healthy.


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