One Last Bit of Fun Before School Starts

I went skiing last Thursday at Bittersweet, in Otsego, Michigan. I had an absolutely great time skiing. I skied the best I've ever skied. The weather was perfect, and I stayed long enough to enjoy some night skiing.

Then, I stopped at the gas station on the way back. After putting gas in, I turned the key and heard a POP! I saw the hood pop up a bit. Worried that the car was majorly fucked up, I had to find a place to stay, and make some calls in the morning.

Long story short, a friend drove me home, I worked, and I got the call that the car was going to be okay. Another friend brought me back to Otsego, and I picked up the car today. Since I'd planned on stopping off at Firekeepers the other night after skiing and couldn't, I stopped off tonight. I lost four dollars and that was that. The way back was okay too.

But boy, I really love skiing.


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