Tee Arr Eff Fashion Parade 7-17-14

Tonight was my last night at the festival, because I have to work at one of my four part-time jobs tomorrow night. I regret not asking for the last two nights of TRF off, but I thought that might be pushing it to have two weekends off in a row. I had the opening Friday/Saturday off because of the concerts I wanted to attend.

Anyway, I got several pictures tonight, and will post the rest of them soon, probably late Friday night/Saturday morning, or perhaps late Saturday night. If I spoke to you and told you you'd be appearing on the blog, your picture will be uploaded on the site very soon!

I had a really good time people-watching and getting pictures. I regret that some shots didn't turn out as sharp as I wanted, and I didn't get a chance to get a better picture of "Blow for a Buck" lady again.

Anyway, if you like this feature, let me know. I'm hoping to eventually attend more events, so I can expand Fashion Parade to other festivals/stuff going on.

This woman had the prettiest hair--long, black and silky--but you wouldn't know it from this angle.

The key is to lean back.....

too late.

In real life, you can't grab the bull's ass and expect to hang on.

And it doesn't work on the fake bull, either.

I can't wait until some guy tattoos a nose and lips on the back of his head, then wears his sunglasses like this. Until that happens, I'll have to be satisfied with this.




Is it me, or are hipsters getting younger all the time?

Her shirt said, "Jesus Satisfies" and there's a Biblical reference, but I can't imagine the Bible would actually say, "Jesus Satisfies." It sounds too much like a Snickers ad.

It's odd to see women of this age wearing shirts that say "Legit." Is she truly, "too legit to quit," or is she merely telling the world her parents were married when she was born?


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