Tee Arr Eff Fashion Parade 7-16-14

Wednesday night at Three Rivers Festival! More fashiony goodness! 

This lady's shirt said, "Blow For a Buck." With this economy, EVERYONE'S offering bargains.

Another foot in a boot. Lots of broken feet at TRF this year.

Annnnnnd down he goes!

See guys, fashion isn't hard. All you need are Timberlands, an interesting tank top, shades and an attitude. Easily one of the best guy outfits of the night.

First crutches I've seen, but I'm not sure what his issue was. No casts to be seen whatsoever.

Yeah, if I were naked and spread eagled in public with my Care Bear, I'd have that deer-in-the-headlights look too.

He was selling Snickers and water for a dollar each to pay for college. He'll only need to sell $10,000 worth to go to a public school, $30,000 for a private school. For one year.

Hey, is that a dolphin between your legs or are you glad to see me?

I doubt that tattoo was a good idea.

Why can't all bouncers be this cute and this dignified?

Look! It's a member of the Future Plumbers of America!

Because if they were blue, it would be too obvious of a joke.

There, that's better.

He's working for tips, and tips only. Not even $2.13 an hour plus tips, like your server is. And he has to wear inflated rubber on his head.

Who printed this sign? Engrish.com?

First it was ombre hair, now it's ombre shoes.

Little Orphan Sandal.

I didn't know man bags came in pink, but maybe it was the Susan G. Komen Special Edition Man bag.

His shoes are brighter than his future.

Are these socks or guylons?

'Cause every woman's crazy 'bout a sharp-dressed teenage boy.

And now you know why it's called the "Summit City."

Ladies, if you're looking for tail, this guy's got plenty!

The world ended July 16, 2014. This tasteful bag was made by Vera Bradley.

The ride operator was making remarks about this girl twerking. Oddly, the ride operators were all male, and it seemed the majority of the riders were female.

Yes, certain porta potties at the festival were U.S. made.

Second night in a row I saw an adult in a kid-sized wagon. I don't blame him. There are some days I just want to be hauled around in a Radio Flyer wagon, eating ice cream and having people say how cute I am.

It would be nice if the courts could move as quickly as this bed race team.

I never expected to see a crop circle at TRF. Actually this is where the pony ride was before they slaughtered the ponies to be sold at the Deep Fried Nag stand in Food Alley. I'm JUST KIDDING!


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