Allen County 4-H Fair Fashion Parade! (The Mostly Hot Guys With Hot Hair Edition)

Two people-watching events back to back? Well, I guess it would be three, if you include PrideFest. However, since I had to work the weekend, except Friday evening, I had to make a choice. And I chose the fair because where else can you drive 15 minutes and see livestock without having to drive out to a farm? Unfortunately, I didn't have my phone charger cord with me and my phone pooped out sooner than I did. But I think I got some interesting photos. I will say the ride operators were probably the most attractive I've EVER seen in my life, with some great hair going on. Only one ride operator was in dire need of Weight Watchers and nice clothing. I wonder if he was grandfathered in, and allowed to stay slobby because of seniority? Anyway, enjoy!

I didn't know Lucky Charms could be used for hamster bedding.

Not a ride operator, but he had the hair for it.

Since there weren't really any corners for her to stand on, she got to wear one of these beauties and walk around the fairgrounds.

Also not a ride operator. But interesting hair.

I'm jealous of these fish. They live in a tank where it looks like a rave 24/7.

I'm sure this isn't street legal, but someday it will be, so you can tote your morbidly obese children and their morbidly obese friends to school so they don't have to walk two blocks.

Yes, they had a smash a car booth. From the looks of it, these cars had concrete underneath the body. Hitting them hurt you more than it did them.

The first of many interesting hair on ride operator photos. 

Not only did they look like they were parking cars for a preppy fraternity party, they actually did seem to care about doing their jobs.

And when they wore shades, it was like being at a Young Elvis convention.

Every one of these guys had a style going on (except for the older guy I told you about).

Another stylin' young gent.

Obviously having a bad hair day.

And having matching uniforms was a good idea too, although this lady looks scared. Maybe they don't have any white people where she lives.

I would have liked to exit...onto his lap!

He doesn't have a line, he has several.

A bookish ride operator.

You can't tell from this angle, but this guy was handsome. He told me he was from South Africa, and when I commented on the hair, he said, yes, everyone had a style. He's worked for this company for two years and plans to move to the states soon.

North American Midway Entertainment, I salute you for having personnel who rate a zero on the creepy scale.

Her hair probably would have gotten her in, except she's the wrong gender.

In a few years, dude. In a few years.

Peace bee with you. Get it? Bee?

These kinds of cars always remind me of me. If I were a car, I'd be the lonely piece of shit everyone hits on, literally.

Not surprisingly, spelling wasn't a strong point.

And she's buy-yi-ying the nowhere...

I bet they so wanted to break off this finger, instead of the middle one.

Way to drum up business, dude. This was late in the afternoon. Around 7 p.m. things started to pick up, as they usually do.

This bee looked like it ate a couple of children, then partially shat them out.
Don'tcha wish your boyfriend was hung. like. me? Don'tcha wish your boyfriend was big. like. me? Don'tcha?


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