Tee Arr Eff Fashion Parade 7-15-14!!!

So I spent another night people watching at Three Rivers Festival. It's a lot of fun, and I get a weird satisfaction from taking pictures of people without them noticing. You never know who you'll see, or what's going to happen, which is what makes this so much damn fun. On with the show!

His shirt said "Bimbo" but his pink shoes shouted "little girl."

The multiple BioLife backpacks are a good indication of where this guy "works."

This black and white combination was striking!

Tuesday night at the Three Rivers Festival is brought to you by the letters D and C.

This shirt reminds me of the tights that Florence of Florence and the Machine wore in "Kiss With a Fist."

He couldn't find a running suit his size, so he borrowed it from mom's boyfriend.

Loves his son so much, he gives him a chair to sit in, so he's comfortable while being ignored by his dad.

I'm not going to have fun on this bull. I'm not. I refuse to have fun. I refuse.

Him: Are you married? Me: No. Him: Do you have a boyfriend? Me: No. Him: Would you like to exchange phone numbers? Me: No. Me: Hey God, can you send some men I'd be interested in dating in my direction? God: Fuck no.

No, he's not getting on awkwardly. He's getting off, awkwardly. But he's not "getting off." He's being bucked off. Thought I'd clear that up for you.

It's a "River of Mystery" because only God knows what the hell is in it.

This is the second night in a row I've seen someone with foot issues. It must be this summer's ultimate health accessory.

I usually see kids in these wagons, not older women.

The family that drags its tablets/iPads/smartphones everywhere is the family that enjoys the Three Rivers Festival with its tablets/ipads/smartphones everywhere.

Dear Mom, I'm writing you a letter on real paper even though I'm not old enough to know what that even means.


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