Avid Fan

"There's a writer named Kilgore Trout."

"There is?" Trout looked foolish and dazed.

"You never heard of him?"

Trout shook his head. "Nobody--nobody ever did."

*  *  *

Billy helped Trout deliver his newspapers, driving him from house to house in the Cadillac. Billy was the responsible one, finding the houses, checking them off. Trout's mind was blown. He had never met a fan before, and Billy was such an avid fan.

Avid fans are the BEST. I know...because I have one. :)

The first commenter to correctly identify the novel this quote came from and the author and the elementary school I went to AND the kindergarten teacher I had gets a free autographed copy of my first collection of short stories, which includes at least one science-fictiony type story.

I don't ask for much, I just ask for what I want.


Anonymous said…
Kurt Vonnegut, but no idea which book...
Gloria said…
Aw, come on! You can Google that excerpt, and you know the other information...
Dave said…
Venus on the half shell
Northcrest elementary
Gloria said…
The school is right ....

But this excerpt is from a different novel. Sorry, try again!

And what was the name of the kindergarten teacher?

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