Big Fat Pi Presentation

So I bopped down the auditorium steps of the Cinema Center, resplendent in my Chicago Blackhawks jersey, and my professor turned to me and said, "now you're talkin'." Because I was presenting on Darren Aronofsky's Pi, I brought cherry pies for everyone, which went over very well.

It's been a while since I've been up in front of a class talking about something I find interesting, and I really enjoyed it. I prepared additional material because I suspected I would be the only one presenting. I talked about how the film looked: it's very contrasty, and one of the articles I read said the film is not really in black and white, it's in black OR white. Which is pretty accurate. I said the black and white approach to the film helped the viewer feel more like he or she was in Max's world. He's obsessed with finding a number that will unlock the meaning of the world, especially the stock market. I took some pictures of a stop sign and fireplug in both color and black and white, and said black and white photography (or filmmaking) forces you to look at shapes and shadows. You don't get distracted by the colors.

I was also having an awesome hair day! Must have been the Pantene Defining Curls Styling Custard.


Anonymous said…
I like the hair a lot.
Gloria said…
Yeah, it doesn't get more perfect than that!

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