Workplace Hilarity

One of my co-workers told me about a day where our department was swamped and it was very busy in the store. Someone at the front desk decided to yell over to our department instead of getting on the phone. He yelled, "hey, do we have any big black caulk in a tube?" A nanosecond later, he realized what he'd said. "You should have seen his face," said my co-worker.

But I laughed so hard at the "big black caulk" in a tube comment. Because it sounded like "big black cock in a tube" and I laughed so hard, I nearly started crying and almost peed my pants. Strange how I can enjoy a gamut of emotions literally within hours of each other.


Anonymous said…
Geez, what are you -- 12 years old? This isn't amusing at all.

Anonymous said…
This explains everything.
Gloria said…
No, this doesn't explain everything...Clarissa explains everything. :)

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