High School is Not Over...

Today I stood up for a fellow former classmate on our high school class Facebook page, and was told by yet another fellow former classmate, "no wonder no one liked you in high school."

Dear Mark Z. You are the reason I love and hate Facebook. Thank you and fuck you very much.

In other news, I just may have written a proposal for my first indie film.

Ah, fuck it, Class is over. Time to celebrate. Too much drama today from a person I don't even know. And that's a huge reason why I never attended the reunions until five years ago. With classmates like these, I really didn't need any enemies. But not all of them were like that...you know who you are... :)


Anonymous said…
A school project?

Anonymous said…
Is this a proposal that includes an actual script?

Gloria said…
Why Chauncey, don't tell me you're interested in my work?????

There's no script. In my film final, one of the essay questions was to come up with an indie film treatment. I wrote about three short stories I'd written, and gave an overview of how the scenes could be done inexpensively for each one.

Must have worked because I got a near perfect score on the final...

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