Hurricane Saturday, Fort Wayne, Indiana

I woke up around eight or so today. I usually don't wake up that early. I couldn't get to sleep, and I didn't get to sleep until after four a.m., so I wasn't planning to stay up. But that wind! I had my window open and I looked out to a continual wind that was coming from the northeast, then seemed to change direction, without slowing down. I closed my window a bit and went back to sleep.

I had an appointment at noon, so I woke up a bit later, and didn't think much of the wind. I drove out to Jefferson Pointe, then decided to go back into town through West Central.

Holy Shitstorm! It looked like a hurricane/tornado/typhoon had struck. I took several pictures of the destruction. Feast your eyes!

I am tired of the term "stormnado" so I am calling it Hurricane Saturday, since that's what it felt like and that's what day it was on. I didn't have to go into work until later, so I went out and got storm pictures. I wasn't the only one.

This first pic is on a side street just off Wayne. This is an apartment building with a tree uprooted.

One of two cars I spotted which were damaged, but this one was absolute toast. This was on West Wayne Street, in the West Central district.

This tree fell across Wayne Street. 
The gentlemen on the porch are Richard Martin and Mickyle Esselman. The windows just beyond the top of the tree are their bedrooms.

These windows are the bedroom windows of the gentlemen on the porch.

Another uprooted tree.

Jefferson Boulevard.

Also on Jefferson Boulevard. 

Uprooted tree at Jefferson and College Streets.

Corner of Nelson Street.

Nelson Street.

Entrance to Swinney Park, looking East.

Entrance to Swinney Park, looking North.

At the Swinney Homestead.

Also at Swinney Homestead.

All three above from Swinney Homestead.

Jefferson Boulevard just East of the Swinney Tennis Courts.

The second car to get it, only not as bad.

Same car, different angle. West Wayne Street.
A close-up of the smashed blue car from earlier.

Uprooted tree, West Wayne Street.


Anonymous said…
How are men to blame for this?

Gloria said…
They aren't. What are you getting at? Just taking pix of the destruction.
Gloria said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…
Oh, sorry. Most of your posts are about hating men.
Gloria said…
Most? Out of my last fifteen posts, two were flat-out hostile to men. That is not "most." If that is YOUR definition of "most" your math skills are worse than mine.
Lyshell said…
We need to get together and year up the town like this again!!!

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