Another Dream Dude Installment!!!

The second installment of a series. 

Gloria: Yes, I wrote that down. How about personality?

Gloria: That's a tough one. It's something guys can work on, which is great. He doesn't have to have the perfect body. God knows I don’t. But personality…well, that can be a huge deal breaker too. It can save the guy too, if he works on it.

Gloria: Please explain.

Gloria: Well, I have to feel comfortable with the guy. That’s probably one of the top things. If I don’t feel comfortable, that’s a problem. And there’s a subtle line to be walked between being acceptably flirty, and sexually flirty. And most guys fuck it up. I know you’re looking at my breasts, but you don’t have to announce it. If you compliment me on something else, that reduces the creep factor. Also, you need to talk to me. If I get the feeling you’re really interested in me, that scores huge bonus points.

You could be the perfect guy for me physically. But if you are an arrogant asshole, I’m going to think, “gee, nice exterior, too bad about the interior.” Even if you have money, an asshole with money is still an asshole. But if you ARE an asshole with money, and you want to be with me, it will cost you. You can start by buying me a thoroughbred with combined training experience and paying for the boarding. I also want some tack as well. That’s just for starters. Wait. Fuck that. I don’t want any assholes.

A lot of the time, men scare me. I usually expect them to be shitty to me, and they succeed admirably. But a guy who wants to know about ME, that’s pretty eye-opening. A guy who knows how to communicate with me, who wants to know about my crappy experiences with men, I think that shows something. That’s really attractive. I may not talk about it much, because it’s a touchy topic, and I probably won’t say much because I don’t want to cry in front of you. But thanks for asking.


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