The First Time...

I've had some odd things happen to me in my life, but one very unique thing is that my cherry wasn't popped by a guy. A horse did it. I was such an innocent that I didn't realize what happened at the time, but I remember it was very painful. I was taking a horseback riding lesson. I was going over a fence, and was out of position, and came down on the pommel of the saddle. Hard. I remember sitting  in the indoor arena, hunched over, too embarrassed to explain what had happened. I couldn't believe how much it hurt. What seemed like hours later, I was able to finally move again.

I forgot about it until I had sex for the first time and had to explain to the guy why I was still a virgin but didn't have a hymen.

But that horse...I still remember him. Chestnut. Possibly a Thoroughbred. Definitely built better and nicer to me than any guy I've ever dated.

I wish I'd continued with my horseback riding lessons. Those were good times. I may try and see if I can start riding again. Horses, that is. Men continue to be shitty to me. As usual.


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