Saturday Night's Playlist

"The Bad Touch"/The Bloodhound Gang--My guilty pleasure favorite band of the 90s. I loved all the pop culture references.

"Roar"/Katy Perry--I love this.

"All I Really Want"/Alanis Morrisette--Kind of reminds me of me. A misfit full of contradictions.

"You Oughta Know"/Alanis Morrisette--I've never had a guy cheat on me, and when the relationship ended, I was more than ready, to be honest. But I can understand the rage in this song.

"Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss"/The Bloodhound Gang--I can't understand if TBG really liked dance music or was making fun of it. I think they were making fun of it in this song. But I got a kick out of these guys--the juvenile sex/pop culture references and crazy rhymes and dance music highlighted a decade where I was fairly happy for a while.

Sunday night I cleaned to disc two of the first season of Two and a Half Men. It's much more fun to watch sleazy guys on television than to deal with them in real life. And now I can do yoga in my spare bedroom!


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