Another Dream Dude Installment!

Gloria: Interests?

Gloria: I have a wide variety of interests, and I expect my ideal guy to have a wide variety of interests as well. I’d like us to have a few things in common. I travel, I like all sorts of music, and I have a few hobbies. I read, I write, I take pictures, make videos, occasionally make music, crafts, I blog, make memes, jog, and I like to go swimming. I like to garden. I want cherry trees in my backyard. I love being able to go into my garden and pick a bunch of ripe tomatoes and eat them right then and there. He needs to appreciate the outdoors.

Gloria: Let’s talk about religion.

Gloria: I’m a lapsed Catholic. I think I have some sort of spirituality, and I think I am a believer in karma. I’m not about formal religion. I think nature is my church. I like looking at the sky. I like walking around in the woods. I like it when it snows. Getting with someone who is a born-again Christian would be a problem. We’d clash. Catholics get bad press because of the pedophile priests, but it can be a fun group. It’s like being a member of some fucked up club that we sort of remember fondly, but not really. All that repression has to overflow somewhere. Catholic girls are that weird combination of guilt and good behavior and potential craziness.

Gloria: Are you guilty and well behaved and potentially crazy?

Gloria: I’m very hard on myself. I am forever trying to chase a life that I want for myself, but fear I’ll never have. I think I’m too nice at times. I worry that I’m not working hard enough or studying hard enough. I behaved well as a child to make my brother look even more incompetent and irresponsible and stupid than he was. My parents never had to have the drug/alcohol talk with me. I was so responsible, when I was in sixth grade, I was in charge of the school office while everyone else went to lunch. Can you imagine that happening today? I got to sit at the secretary’s desk and eat my lunch in peace and quiet and I could call my mom on the phone. I was straight edge before straight edge was straight edge. Potentially crazy? Um…I think it would be nice to have a guy who can stop me every so often and say, “you’re fine, calm the fuck down.”


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