Happy Saturday Morning! Another installment of Creepy? Creepy How?

Meme by Tim S.

Having a great time with these! And people are enjoying them!

I like working an I well precise for my family

I have not had sex in over 2.5 years
Guys, please don’t. I know it’s sad when you don’t get laid, but this just comes across as desperate.

I am a strong confident man who is not hung up on trying to display a male imagine given to me by a TV set
I imagine a male who can write well. You are obviously not that male.

I told my ex everyday for 20 yrs, of 25 yr marriage, that I loved her.
See, if you’d just kept up that last five years of saying “I love you,” perhaps you wouldn’t be currently separated now! He’s mentioned three times in his profile that he was married for 25 years. I’m beginning to wonder if that 2.5 years he hasn’t had sex is actually 25 years!

Im looking for someone to get to know very well and do things with.......lots of things.....planned things and spur of the moment things.....right now things.....
How about thingy things?

I hope that I could take her anywhere in the world and she would like it!
If it’s a country that is run by the Taliban, or stones/rapes/beats women because they can, I bet she wouldn’t like it. You might want to rephrase that entire statement.

I can spell and actually use the word "Commitment" I do not need a mother, cook, baby sitter ect.
The abbreviation for “et cetera” is etc. And “babysitter” is one word. I don’t want to go out with you, but you can hire me to be your proofreader!

I like nice things, but I don't feel controlled by money.
I LOVE nice things, and I totally feel controlled by money! If things/services were free, NO ONE would worry about money! What a naïve rube.

I graduate from the Remington college of cosmetology (on line course) in 2 weeks and can't wait to begin my career as an astronaut! :)
I HOPE this guy knows the difference between cosmetology and cosmology….nope, probably doesn’t.

profile no complete
Y U no complete profile?

I shouldn't even be here until my divorce is final, so I'm not looking to date. I'm just looking to see who's single. I'm also still working on my own life at the moment so it's a bit unfair to be here. I'm currently unable to read any messages or respond. I'm not a paying member so don't take it personal if I hadn't responded to anybody. Just saying.
Huh. Well, I’m single, but I think what I really want is someone to show me a good time and to kiss my ass. I want a guy who is a total alpha, even though I’m a beta female. I want someone who totally meets my standards, but is okay with me being me, and not a supermodel. Oh, who am I kidding? And who are YOU kidding? Come on, dude. You are more wishy-washy than Charlie Brown. And you’re a fucking cheapskate to boot! And I’m impossible to please!

I'm different than most just know that
Suuurrrre you are…..

I feel like I have a second chance at happiness.iwant to take advantage of it with someone who's not afraid of my past

Why should I be afraid of your pa—ohhhhhhhhhhh. I just answered my own question!


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