Mini Movie Monday!

This isn't an original video from me, but it's certainly ... original. I found this video while searching for "A Furry Rebirthing", which was excerpted in Everything Wrong With YouTube, from the BrandSins channel. I guess I'm fascinated with people's freakdom, and I know a little bit about the furry community. But not much. Anyway,  this is from beeblefoxx, who made the "A Furry Rebirthing" video. Titled, "Unboxing My New Daughter", it's listed as "comedy" but there's very little that's funny about this video, which kind of shows how weird people can be, and the attachments they make to certain items. This video is disturbing to me. Everything from the guy's trembly, effeminate voice, to the mannequin itself, to the end, where beeblefoxx breaks down crying, while popping open a soda. Well, that part is kinda funny I guess. Who the fuck Jimmy is, I have no idea.


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